Improving My Quality Of Life

I have been suffering from debilitating chronic migraines for over 15 years. I had gone to multiple neurologists and tried countless preventive medications and treatments, from Botox injections to Biofeedback, with little or no improvement to my condition. I had just about given up hope, accepting that I would need to take medications around the clock to make it through each day, and even then I would still periodically get migraines so severe I would need to go to the Emergency Room. Then I decided to try treatment at Rapha Clinic. Using a combination of acupuncture, massage, and light spinal adjustments, Dr. Lee’s treatment has helped make my severe migraines much more manageable. I haven’t been to an emergency room in over 6 months, and was finally able to cut down on the amount of prescription medicines I needed to take to be functional, something that both my body and my wallet are thanking me for. After suffering for years and reaching a point where it felt like nothing was helping me anymore, I am immensely grateful to the expertise and care of Dr. Lee, and the improvements his treatment has made to my quality of life. -Natalie H.

Treatments Have Given Me Back My Life!

Relief on many levels! After suffering with chronic back pain for years, I was convinced it would be something I would have to endure. I originally visited the clinic for an acute situation but once that was resolved, the doctors explored the chronic issue and after only a few months, I feel better than I have in years. Not only did they address the pain but they also provided nutritional counsel on how to reduce inflammation with minor dietary changes.

With the back pain almost resolved, we discussed stress and sleep disturbances that kept me from feeling rested. Being so pleased with chiropractic treatment, I was open to Dr. Lee’s suggestion to try acupuncture to address the stress and sleep issues. After only a few treatments, I am well rested and again able to pursue activities that I’ve missed. My exhaustion kept me in bed 20+ hours a day on the weekends as I desperately sought to feel rested. Now I am back to enjoying social and physical activities. Rather than existing and just making it day to day, the treatments have given me back my life.
THANK YOU! – Deborah L.

Achieved lifelong goal of completing a marathon!

Dr. Cassis, Thank you for all of the time and detail you put into every chiropractic adjustment. Almost a year ago, I could not live my daily life without thinking about the shoulder pain I was constantly in, let alone run! I was able to achieve my lifelong goal of running and completing a marathon. I truly feel that, without your help, the task would have been extremely difficult. So thank you! – Stephanie F.

Amazing Dr. Lee!

…I frequently think that I just need to sit down and take time to write to the amazing Dr. Lee. I had been in such pain and ended up not even being able to leave the hotel room on our vacation to Washington, D.C. But then the hotel staff … recommended I contact Dr. Lee to see if I could get in right away. I was able to do that and am so very grateful. First of all, we were greeted by wonderful staff, from the receptionist to Dr. Lee’s assistant and then when I met Dr. Lee, I felt totally comfortable. He has a great personality and I also felt confidant he would be able to help me. He was a great listener and was able to find my problem area right away. …after using his “6 pack machine” and the other things he did, I noticed a hugh decrease in my pain that day. Dr. Lee gave me a very simple exercise to do, which was amazing … In a little over 1 week, I could hardly notice any pain at all, and definitely after 3 weeks, I felt great. Wish Dr. Lee lived here in Wisconsin, … for myself and my family. Best regards, – Marci N.

20 years of back pain Relieved!

Thank you…I feel that Dr. Lee has really made a breakthrough with my back issues, so I would like to stick with his services if that is ok. I have been suffering from back issues for the past 20 years and he is the first person who has actually made a valuable impact in my back health! I have seen improvements, and I just enjoy his genuine concern over my recovery. Thanks again, – Lisa

Severe Pain and Discomfort Free!

I want to thank everyone in your office for the incredible care you have given me. After facing all the disappointments in the field of medical science in America,I came here for my severe pain and discomfort. I was very much depressed because no medicine helped me to relieve my pain. But after having the treatment of acupuncture and therapy, I am much better and pain free. Thanks a lot for executing and planning the right treatment for me. I will be going back to Bangladesh, my home country, but I will miss you all. My regards and best wishes for all of you. God Bless you, Bye Mrs. Nasreen Fridaus Defense Wing, Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh


I want to thank everyone in your office for the incredible care you have given me. When I first came into your office about a month ago, I was in misery and wasn’t sure if I would ever feel free from pain again after trying nearly every option. I am very happy to be pain free now. Thank you all for planning and executing the right recovery plan for me, incorporating physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and caring. I think that your integrated approach is what really made a difference for me. – Kerstin Y.

Caring hearts

Dear Dr. Lee and staff Many thanks for your help, your skills, your caring hearts and professionalism in accurately diagnosing our condition and treating it with specialized care. That led to our speedy recovery. – Angel M., Julita M., Angelita M., Marianita M.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Dr. Lee and his entire staff for transforming my once painful existence into a life that is now normal and free of pain. For the past five years, I have been treated by various physicians, having been diagnosed with [conditions including] osteoarthiritis of my hip to bursitis. During this period, I was told to take various medications which only ended up in destroying the lining of my stomach, resulting in gastrointestinal problems. I was also given cortisone shots, which only resulted in temporary relief. I have sent copies of this letter to my primary physician who refused to give me a referral to see Dr. Lee because he said it was a “waste of time”. A copy will be sent to my orthopedic surgeon who after two years of visits, claimed my only cure would be surgery to remove the bursa and who also said that a “chiropractor would not be able to help your condition”. We proved them both wrong, and…I feel Dr. Lee’s approach to healing is the correct and successful way. I must admit that I was apprehensive at first, doubting if my tri weekly visits would result in any relief. After three months of attendance, I could see my condition improving to the point of actually climbing stairs without severe pain. My family, being aware of some improvement, encouraged me to continue, and eventually my visits went from biweekly to once a week and, now, once a month. I am totally pain free and enjoy a normal life. No longer feel 75, but 55, and once again have a positive outlook on life. – Tina T. – Sr. Nurse at Orthopedic Surgeon’s Office P.S. Thanks to Dr. J Kos (Conn.), a friend and a chiropractor, who, after seeing how serious my condition had become, suggested I be treated by Dr. Lee

Caring Attitude and Kind Demeanor

“I know that you might just be doing your job, but I want you to know that your caring attitude and kind demeanor have helped to ease my pain as much the technical therapy you have so expertly administered. I strongly believe that the Lord… administered healing through your hands! I’ve already thanked God for bringing me to you…now, I thank you for being available to be used by him. I pray that God will continue to bless you with the wonderful gift of healing and that he will repay you a thousand-fold for your kindness.” – Mary K.

I was taking 20mg-40mg of Vicodin a day!

“I would like to express my appreciation for the work you and your staff did for me the past two months. When I came to you the pain was quite intense and constant, I was taking 20mg-40mg of Vicodin a day to combat it. My doctor, who is surely a fine back surgeon, had recommended back surgery to correct my problem. Your staff – through acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, and massage – have corrected the problem without surgery. Your staff was always professional and courteous to me. I will be happy to recommend your clinic to anyone experiencing back pain, or other types of pain. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Very much.” – James R.

Awful lower back pain

“I thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me. I was having awful lower back pain and had to be on a plane for a 14-hour flight to Japan the next day.Immediately after your treatment, I started to feel much better and was back to normal by the following morning. My flight was very comfortable, thanks to the wonderful service I received at your clinic.” – Fumiko Sakai, From Japan

Thank you!

“You’re playing an important role in the life of someone I care about. And I want you to know I appreciate not only what you do but also the caring way you do it.” – Young M.