Spine & Physical Medicine

Spine Treatment 

Our doctors have years of Experience and Extensive Training in Non Invasive Spine treatments.

Doctors at Rapha Clinic will recommend what is best for each patient, and customize treatments with the following:

  1.  Advanced and Specific Impulse Instrumental Spine & Joint mobilization 
  2. Non Forceful Thompson Drop Adjustments 
  3. Gentle Manual Diversified Spine & Joint adjustments 

Muscle Treatment & Rehab 

Our Muscle Treatment utilizes Integrative Physical Medicine including; 

  • Pulsed Laser Therapy 
  • InfraRed Light Therapy 
  • Ultrasound and 
  • ElectroMuscle Stimulation.

Our Doctors also perform individually tailored rehab Therapies:

  1. Active & Passive Myofascial Release for Chronic Trigger Points or Knots. 
  2. Dynamic, Static and PNF Stretching to improve Shortened and Tighten muscle and soft tissues. 
  3. Muscle Activation to Increase Strength of Weaken musculature and soft tissues.