Lower Back Pain

Many patients suffer from acute and chronic low back pain from straining due to lifting, working or exercising. Over past 22 years, we have treated thousands of patients with Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain with conservative and integrative Spine and Physical Medicine plus Innovative Pulsed Laser Therapy and Classical Acupuncture treatment.

We treat our patients with comprehensive approach to experience:

  1. Relief from pain and inflammation 
  2. Healing of injured areas 
  3. Improve Flexibility of Soft Tissue including muscles, tendon and ligaments 
  4. Increase Mobility of Spine and Joints to increase Ranges of Motion. 
  5. Activate and increase muscle strength and conditioning. 

For us, we are not satisfied with just pain management, but we want to help our patients to improve their quality of life by lessening the aches and discomfort experienced from long hours of work and sports.

If you have nagging pain or discomfort without significant improvement, it is about time that you seek consultation and treatment from Rapha Clinic’s Spine & Physcial Medicine team.

You may be pleasantly surprised to feel great again. Just take look at some of our past patient testimonials about our treatment.

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