Acupuncture FAQ


Why is Dr. Lee’s Acupuncture Treatment better? 

Dr. Lee integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) and Auricular Acupuncture (Ear acupuncture). These 3 forms of Acupuncture Treatment System (ATS) are applied with Pulsed Laser Therapy and Physiotherapy Modalities including Ultrasound, Infra Red Light Therapy, Electro Stimulation and other Physical Medicine to promote Effectiveness and Efficiency to provide relief to his patients as quickly as possible.

Commonly, a licensed Acupuncturist will use only Traditional Acupuncture diagnosis, which is totally different diagnosis system compared to modern medical diagnosis. For example, when an acupuncturist mentions “liver chi deficiency”, it does not mean a person has a “liver problem”.  It means liver channel energy or chi flow is weak, which means, to put it simply, to explain the symptoms that the patient is easily tired and with low energy. Over 20 years, Dr. Lee has seen numerous patients “confused” with diagnosis given by an acupuncturist or an Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD). This is why Dr. Lee practices Medical Acupuncture – Integrating Modern Medical Diagnosis (MMD) system and Classical Acupuncture Treatment (CAT) system. Dr. Lee’s understanding of Acupuncture treatment as a patient and a doctor and his extensive training and experience sets him apart from other acupuncturists.

Does Dr. Lee understand medical diagnose and communicate well with my primary care doctor or specialists?

Dr. Lee is a medically trained doctor in Chiropractic and Physical Medicine. Therefore, he understands medical diagnosis as well as traditional acupuncture diagnosis system. He will fully understand your medical diagnosis, and he will provide his best recommendations based on his years of experience on many of the conditions he has been treating. 

Do the Acupuncture needles hurt?

Dr. Lee uses very thin, stainless steel, disposable acupuncture needles, that are unlike hypodermic needles used in blood tests which are thick and hollow. Dr. Lee’s 22+ years of experience benefits our patients with comfortable and effective Acupuncture treatment. Most patients do not even feel the insertion of needles when he performs Acupuncture treatment. The needles are usually inserted just under the skin, and are left in for 15 – 30 minutes depending on the condition and treatment goal.

How should I prepare for my Acupuncture treatment?

Dr. Lee advises our patients to eat well before acupuncture treatment as it may burn off calories, and to wear comfortable clothes. You should be prepared to refrain from rigorous exercise for at least two hours before and after treatment.